Reliable insights into the behaviour, needs and wishes of your customers mark the starting point for your product development and targeted marketing.

We help you to ask the right questions, develop a suitable survey concept and deliver lucid, validated intelligence on customers, segments, and markets – whether in Germany or internationally, for B2B or B2C services.

Sample topics from our projects

  • Developing index performance and market drivers, such as customer satisfaction and loyalty, user experience, or brand awareness,
  • Product/brand management and targeting systems covering all touch points, with real-time dashboards,
  • Impact analysis of marketing activities, e.g. opt-in advertising,
  • "Big Data": Relating customer-focused information from multiple sources to "hard" performance data.


Predicting future developments, uncovering hidden trends, identifying potential fluctuations – a reliable forecast of market development is crucial for focussing resources.

The goals international-forecast uniquely combines econometric, multivariate forecasting methods with your expertise on market environments and intelligent simulation alternatives in a single model.

Compared to conventional, purely statistical approaches, such as sliding averages, the goals international-forecast delivers verifiable, reliable results on a quantitative AND qualitative basis.

The goals international-forecast tool is easy to use, even without an in-depth knowledge of higher mathematics. Of course, we provide full support throughout the process of installing and implementing your individual system set-up.

Benefits of the goals international-forecasts:

  • High prediction accuracy
  • Simple and transparent to use and easy to communicate
  • Easy integration of quantitative and qualitative factors
  • Displays any forecast factors you want
  • Scenario simulations
  • Straightforward graphical overviews


The variety of interesting topics within the scope of developing organizations is complex. Many facets have to be taken into account and they cover themes like culture and values, diversity, work-life balance, corporate health, corporate social responsibility, life-stage orientation, and many more.  

In the process it is important to work based on an empirical basis which reliably identifies the central starting points, weak spots and possibilities for development.

With our proven expertise and sensitivity to industrial and organizational psychology issues, we develop

  • employee-focussed management and targeting systems for operational personnel management
  • complete employee surveys and ad hoc studies, nationally and worldwide, in all languages, and with flexible survey designs
  • Evaluation and monitoring of internal projects and (change) processes
  • analyses and reports for all stakeholders at all organizational levels

The use of empirical methods and statistical analyses conveys a representative, reliable image of the organization. On this basis, targeted steering decisions can be made and their effects can be monitored.

Plus: Carefully planned and conducted surveys signal esteem and concern for employees. This pays off.


For many investors, the focus of an investment decision lies on the business idea with its market opportunities and risks.

Yet, as we know from our own investments, the success of a start-up business does not merely depend on product innovations, but also, most significantly, on the people running it – that is, the founder or founding team.

We support private and institutional investors alike in evaluating founder personalities, using scientifically proven diagnostic procedures. This "personal due diligence" investigation involves the systematic collection and evaluation of personal and business skills by standardized assessment.

What makes goals international's start-up diagnostics so special:

  • Our unique combination of years of experience as an investor in start-ups in various lines of business plus expertise in aptitude testing and psychological methodology.
  • Our objective, professional opinion on the individuals and partner teams of the start-up business concerned, including a valid assessment of potentials and risks, as well as recommendations for short-term and medium-term orientation.


The analysis and assessment (=evaluation) of impact, perception and utilization of organizational measures is a demanding task. Evaluation requires to take into consideration a multitude of stakeholders, socio-psychological expertise (=sure instinct), and the confident handling of tools from research methods to econometric modelling.

No matter if ex-ante, interim, or ex-post evaluation, if formative or summative approach: being experienced evaluators, we handle depending on your needs, the planning, implementation and coordination of projects or act as an “extended workbench” to provide expert input for internal evaluators – not as a supervisory entity but as a constructive partner for the development of your projects.

Sound methodological craftsmanship and an intuitive sense for target groups and involved persons are central prerequisites for each of our evaluations.

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